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I AM - MP3 Download

The I AM recording uses powerful affirmations and energy clearing techniques, to encourage you to create positive changes (in your body and your life) through the power of your subconscious mind.

The I AM recording is best played when you are resting comfortably, and it doesn’t matter if you drift off to sleep whilst listening.

The I AM recording is best played every day, for thirty (30) days in a row, or longer if you wish, until you achieve your desired outcome.

The intention for the I AM recording is for you to access your inner wisdom, through the power of your mind, and create positive changes to your body and your life.

The energy clearing techniques allow your subconscious mind to release any limiting beliefs that are no longer in harmony with the I AM positive affirmations and/or your aspirations in life.

Duration: 16:08 minutes | Voice/Scriptwriter: Erica West, Subconscious Ascension Pty Ltd, Ravenshoe, Queensland, Australia. | Music/Recording: Gary Dozier, Uptown Music Studios, Atherton, Queensland, Australia.

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