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AUD $100.00

WebsitePicture SubconsciousAscensionThe Subconscious Ascension - Energetically Sent session is ‘energetically sent’ (via remote/distant healing energy) on the 14th day of each month.

The Subconscious Ascension session raises your level of consciousness (conscious awareness and energy field vibration) and allows you to begin re-filing negative memories/emotions, so that your life may become easier and better. The Subconscious Ascension session is so powerful, it takes three (3) months for the body/mind to integrate all the information from the session.

Your subconscious mind holds memories of every single thing that has ever happened to you. Conditioning from childhood, and life experiences from the past, may contribute to creating unfavourable patterns of behaviour, which continue to repeat themselves, until you deal with them. Read more...

The Subconscious Ascension session is so powerful, you MUST wait a minimum of three (3) months between each Subconscious Ascension session.

(Please Note: The 3-month waiting period applies only to the Subconscious Ascension session, and not other sessions offered by us.)

For more information visit or read the Subconscious Ascension Brochure.

Please refer to the Events Calendar for all sessions offered.

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